Frequently Asked Questions

Care instructions

Our products are basically made of glass, solder and finishing chemicals and as of all stained glass items, they have a unique handmade touch due to the nature of the production. Wash them gently, dry the glass with microfiber swab, do not use chemicals on them. And then, wax it with a furniture or car wax for more shiny and new look.

The patina acid may react with air on different humidity levels and due to this, stained glass items require a special care to maintain the shiny and new look. The color of the item may change in time, as the air and the humidity will cause an oxidation layer on the surface as it happens with the wood, leather and all other natural materials. Regular waxing will help you to keep your item new & shiny

Are your products waterproof?

Short answer: No. Our products are not waterproof just because of the nature of stained glass items – as a very little amount of water may leak under the copper foil if you fill the item with water only. Cementing is required to provide this feature and this process can only be applied on flat surfaces, not three-dimensional objects.

However, this won't be a problem if you will be using your item as a planter as the soil will absorb a significant amount of water. Remember, terrariums do not like much water.

Gift wrapping and packaging

We make sure that each and every object is securely double-packaged, so it gets to you in one piece. We use lots of styrofoam to immobilize the object in its original packaging and place these packages into strong cardboard boxes to prevent possible damage during transit. Multiple purchases may ship separately depending on the size & form of the items.

Want to buy something to send directly to a friend in another city or country? We are happy to make your loved ones happy! Just make sure to mark your order as a gift in your cart and then add a gift message and gift wrapping if you like. Don't forget to put your friend's address info as the "Ship To" address and we'll handle the rest for you.

Wholesale availability

We're committed to partnering with the best retailers around the world. If you are a shop owner who is interested in carrying MOCTUS products, please visit our Wholesale page or contact us at Thank you!

Custom and personalized orders

Our terrariums are sold empty by default. We can fill it with the plants or candles of your choice on special request. Contact us and we will work out the best decoration for your terrarium.